What can we say about this Handsome Young Boy. Dalton is such a
great combination of his sire and dam. He is our vision of great things
to come Dalton has it all... 

Integrity - Attitude -  Silliness -  Wonderful temperament - Substance and
a massive and correct head piece.

We love the combination of pedigrees and the great dogs behind him
Please help us cheer for Dalton as he grows.  See you in summer of 2006!

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4.5 Months 4.5 Months 4.5 Months
11 Week 11 Week 11 Week

9.5 Week 9.5 Week 9.5 Week

Owner: Kathy Petrina & Nyla Haddy
Breeder: Kathy Petrina, Sandra Petari, Sheri Wilson
AKC #: WS15079601
DOB: 09/15/2005
OFA: ----
Cerf: ----


Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents Gr-Great Grand Parents

Samkita’s Big Willy Style

Ch. BearBrand’s Freedom Fighter Ch. Samkitas That’s R Final Answr Crown Royal’s Ten Bears
Ch Samkita’s The Queen of Denial
Ch. Samkitas Krystal Rose Ch T’Stone’s The Hustler
Ch Samkita’s Fortune Teller
Samkita’s Fame And Fortune Crown Royal’s Ten Bears Ch Samkita’s The One That Counts
Ch Noji’s Ivy of Crown Royal
Ch Samkita’s The Queen of Denial Ch Regalia’s Mountain Man
Samkita’s Cash N Carry
CH. Paradise's Message In A Bottle CH. Carousel's Never Surrender CH. Crown Royal's Get Off My Cloud CH. Crown Royal's Count Basie
CH. Noji's Ivy Of Crown Royal
CH. Carousel's Dreamin Of Gold CH. Crown Royal America Dream Boy
CH. Kin Yamas Khazana
CH. Ranchlake's Storm Ovr Paradise
CH. Ranchlake Baccarat Riverviw CH. Triple J's Encore Of Hyojun
CH. Ranchlake's Yesterday Dream
CH. Ranchlake's Jessica Tandy CH. Apogee's Draco Of Draconis
CH. E Okas Mariko Of Ranchlake


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